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I’m taking a night class at George Brown College called “Photography of People”.  Each week, we take turns working with different models and lighting set-ups.  One of last night’s models was Danica Kotsopoulos, a jazz singer.  She was fantastic, and it was only her first time modelling!  Here are some pictures:

PHOT 9031-0104

PHOT 9031-0194-Edit

PHOT 9031-0137

PHOT 9031-0195

PHOT 9031-0114

PHOT 9031-0184-2

PHOT 9031-0088

I’m catching up on all of my editing for class, so I’ll post more pictures soon.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I work in the alumni relations department at George Brown. I came across your blog, thought I’d leave you a comment! Those are some beautiful pictures, I like how candid they are. I’ve always wanted to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of photography myself. Are you enjoying the class?


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