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Your Heart: Works in Progress

I had another photoshoot with Your Heart on Wednesday night.  They’ve grown since I took pictures of them last September:

Your Heart - Live Band

Your Heart - Live Band

Now there are 8!  It was hard to find a time for everyone to get together, and if you live in Toronto, you may recall that it was raining for most of this week.   With Wednesday night being our only option, I had to improvise in my tiny home studio.  When I say “tiny”, I mean that it’s a 10’x10′ room that 8 people (+ a photographer) wouldn’t fit into without lighting equipment and a backdrop.

I think we were able to come up with some creative ideas to get around the space confinements.

4 hours – and 800 pictures – later, I have a lot of compositing to do!  This is a work in progress, but the end result is going to be really fun.

I wanted to post today, because Your Heart has a show tonight at Supermarket in Toronto.  They also released their new album, Autumn, and a free companion EP, Fall.   Both are amazing!  Check them out.

More pictures to come.

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