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Kenneyville: Day 1

I’m back on the set of Babe with a Sword, only now it’s called Kenneyville.  We’re spending 4 days this month filming new scenes.   The film originally wrapped last September, and you can see some behind the scenes shots from phase 1 of shooting here.

Yesterday, we filmed at a motel in Shelburne, ON (about 90 minutes North of Toronto).  It was great to see everyone again!

This time I’d like to get some shots of Vanessa Broze not being tied up and/or duct taped on the back of a truck.

See: examples from last September.

Doran Damon Okkema (who plays Donovan), Vanessa Broze (as Kelly/Megan), and writer/director/producer Brooks Hunter.

Vanessa tied up with Brooks Hunter, Director of Photography Pasha Patriki, and Dany Gehshan (as Charlie/Patrick).

This is one of the most fun sets (okay, the most fun set) I’ve ever worked on.  Everyone is really nice and infectiously energetic.  Also, I love working on films that actually encourage posting pictures online – most productions don’t allow it.  Speaking of which, you can see lots more pictures on the Kenneyville Facebook page.

On Friday we’re filming in Cobourg.  The key prosthetic makeup artist from Resident Evil: Afterlife has created some crazy special effect props.  There will be blood.  There will also be pictures.

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