Jen Grantham Photography

Kenneyville: Day 2

Here are some behind-the-scenes movie stills from Day 2 on set of Kenneyville!  On Friday we filmed in a creepy barn in Cobourg, Ontario.  It was a really cool set, and Sean Samson was there as a Makeup FX Consultant.   He just finished working on Saw VII, and built a drill so we could drill into Vanessa’s head.

Writer/Director Brooks Hunter and Cinematographer Pasha Patriki.

This is Michael Scratch as the film’s villain, Adrian Black.  Really nice and talented guy – I didn’t get to meet him during phase 1 of shooting.

Sean Samson prepping Vanessa Broze‘s head for drilling!


The effect looked really cool, from what I saw on the monitor.  Can’t wait to see it in the final film!

This Friday we’re filming a huge fight scene with multiple bloody deaths.  I’m very excited.

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