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1st Annual Stocksy Awards

My stock photo agency Stocksy will have officially been open for 1 year on March 25th! To celebrate, they’re hosting the 1st Annual Stocksy Awards. Until March 16th, anyone can vote on the different categories, from “Child Photographer of the Year” to “Wittiest Photo of the Year”.

I’m really happy to say that I was nominated for “Best Series” for my photoshoot at the carnival.

1st annual stocksy awards

That’s so exciting! You can see the rest of the images from the shoot here.

Stocksy has also recently redesigned artist portfolios, and they look pretty awesome.  Now, we are able to put our best work at the top of our portfolio view.  You can also browse by latest images, shoots (images from the same series), and galleries (images from the same theme, i.e. “winter”).  This is my new portfolio.  Sean Locke wrote more about the new profile pages on his blog.

stocksy portfolio page

Please check out all of the awesome images in the awards and consider casting a vote for your favourites.

And the discount code JEN20 still applies to get 20% off your first purchase at Stocksy.

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