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Creepy Things in My Society6 Store

Like many other photographers, I sell some prints and products on Society6.

I only added a few images to my portfolio before I got distracted and stopped uploading, but because I have had a few sales this year without actively adding to my portfolio or promoting it, I decided to go back and upload some of my newer work.  I noticed that Society6 now offers a wide variety of new products for sale.

I also noticed that some of my images look a bit weird on those products.

How about a creepy lion to stare at you while you shower?

Lion Shower Curtain @ Society6

Or perhaps you would rather make eye contact with this owl while you are naked?

Owl Shower Curtain @ Society6

Society6 also sells duvet covers now.  This owl duvet cover is in a perfect position to stare right at my husband while he tries not to have nightmares.

Owl Duvet @ Society6

Finally, this has been described by my cousin as “the most depressing throw pillow”:



You can find the rest of prints and products I have for sale, creepy and otherwise, here on Society6.

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